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Kalahari Gold (Truffles/Nabbas)

Every now and then when the Kalahari gets the perfect amount of rain at exactly the right time we are blessed with Kalahari Gold!

What you need:

500g precooked and cleaned truffles (This is where the big work is in!)

30 ml butter (add to taste)

15 ml garlic (add to taste)

5 ml lemon juice

Salt, pepper and aromat to taste.

What to do:

Heat up your pan then add the butter.

As soon as the butter has melted add in the truffles together with the garlic and seasoning.

Cook through, about 5 to 10 minutes should do.

Add the lemon juice right to the end.

Serve while warm and enjoy.

"Gesondheid uit die Grond uit"

This is Marli at 8 months during 2017, this was the last time we found nabbas prior to this year 2021!

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